Ripple Scribble Tablewares

Located in East Village, Special Special is a fun and young art space that carries artists’ design products. From July to August in 2017, it hosted a solo exhibition for Atelier F featuring the studio's latest series Ripple Scribble, a collection of tableware with altered forms. By mimicking the ripples when a stone throwing into the water, the plates and trays create a landscape on your dining table.

Link to buy: Special Special 

WA Coasters, Trays and Chopstick Rests 

We worked with design studio HCWD to present handmade items to enlighten your tablescapes. The WA series is inspired by the wavy structure of recyclable corrugated wrap. The idea is to transform humble materials into everyday objects with a durable lifespan. WA series are now available at Tictail, Fou Gallery and Chop Suey Club in New York. 

Link to buy: WA series at the hyfen

Philosophy Concept Store 

Located at Westfield Garden State Plaza in New Jersey, Atelier F decorated the Philosophy concept store with over fifty hand built ceramic books and trays. In addition, we created a side table with the ceramic books. The works are finished with a matte white glaze to present an image of purity and grace of the brand. The installation has been collected by Philosophy and will be presented at the store permanently. 

Fou Gallery

As a long term partner with Fou Gallery, Atelier F created many works for the gallery design store. Baozi, Dumpling and Manto are made of porcelain. The sets come in three different colors and are one of the most popular items in the store.

Snowdrop vessels were shown at the holiday market of the gallery. The shape was to mimic snowdrop flowers that bloom in winter. Link to buy: Fou Gallery Design Store

Raku Noodle Bowls

Located in East Village in Manhattan, Raku is a popular restaurant serving Japanese noodle soups. Atelier F produced oversized noodle bowls, large rice bowls and tea cups for the restaurant. The large size of the bowls give the customers the full impact of the dish all at once. 

Hello Kongzi Project

As one of the invited artists, Atelier F participated in the HelloKongzi exhibition to revive the traditional Chinese culture image.  These two Kongzi statuettes were hand built with clay slabs. The works expressed a famous quote from Confucius, “isn’t it a pleasure to learn and practice.” HelloKongzi exhibition has travelled around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Pakistan, Taiwan and Shenzhen. At New York stop, the statures were presented at the Grand Central Station in 2016 and attracted many New Yorkers and tourists. 

Link for more info: HelloKongzi